How to add a page to your School Jotter site




1.Log into School Jotter

Login to your school jotter account and once on the dashboard select the green site tile.

2.Manage Pages

Select the manage button on the green toolbar and then select pages.

3.Add Page

To add a new page select 'Add page' in the top left.

4.Page Details

Here you amend multiple aspects of the page, such as the  name of the he page, moving the page, adding to the main menu or another page and changing the layout.

5.Visibility Options

You can also amend visibility options if you would like to hide the page on make the page a category.

6.Page Successfully Created

Once happy select add page and then the page will appear on the left-hand side with the other pages.7.

Page revealed in Main Menu

Select the exit icon on the top right corner to reveal the homepage with the new added page on the left hand side.