Spelling: Tests

Spellings: Setting Lists as Tests 

In the Spelling app, students are given the opportunity to just practice their spellings or participate in spelling tests. When you have created your spelling lists and assigned groups you then have the option to set the list up as a test and when the student logs in they can go straight to their tests, visible on the left-hand side of the screen.

Set a List as a Test

Click on the ‘Set as a test’ link on the Spelling Lists with your chosen list:

A summary box will pop up with all the details and the group that the test is assigned to. Click Set test to confirm.



When the student logs in to the Spelling App this is what they see. They have the option to go to Practice mode or Test Mode. In this example, the student has been assigned to two folders, so  can open all the lists they see and practice the spellings.


Test Mode

If the student now clicks on Test mode on the side menu any spellings lists that were assigned to them in test mode will appear. 


If the students get any of the words wrong they are then found in the Brain Train. 


Brain Train

They can launch the Brain Train from the top menu. Students can then practice these words. Once they get these words correct three times, their words will then disappear from the Brain Train. In order for them to test themselves again, the teacher would need to re-assign them as a test. 


Spelling lists
BrainTrain dialog box