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How to add an image link to an external website using an Apple Computer

This help sheet explains how to enable a hyperlink to be added to an image that when clicked it takes you to an external website. You must check that the content on the external website is suitable for your students

You need to have a Role that allows you to use this feature.

1. Log in to your School Jotter website, navigate to the relevant page and click the Edit Page button.

2. Click on the image and click the Choose link button in the Image toolbar. Click on the small box to the right of the Link box to open the Link window.

3. In the Link box select Website Link and in the Link box choose the external webpage you want to link the image to. Copy and paste the URL of the external webpage into the Link box. You can choose to open the page in the same tab of the browser or open in a new tab. As this is an external webpage it may be wise to select open in a new tab so that your school website stays open too.

The text you enter in the Title box will appear on the screen when a mouse cursor is hovered over the image. To add the link to the image click on the blue Choose button at the bottom of the window.

4. Once your link is added you need to click on the Save button and then select Save and Publish.

5. When your cursor is placed over the image you will see the the label, which is the title you gave the link.

6. Clicking on the image, a new tab will open on your browser and the website will open.